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  • Playing: Violated Heroine
Ok, Just a heads up. My health still sucks, but it seems I CAN still work as long as I drink a litre of tea and don't let my blood go acidic... Actual issue I have to deal with daily :S

Also, a little reminder to check out my twitter: for quick news and sometimes exclusive information...
Plus, don't forget that I will release some things here on DA, but I will ALWAYS release new things on

Thanks to the folks worried for me. Hopefully, I will get somewhere with this referral.
Health aside, things are looking kind of good.


I am the proud owner of an Nvidia GTX 1080. The joke is on me though. I can't use the Iray renderer with it! (I can still do CPU... but that isn't worth the time). Waiting for them to update the Iray renderer on DAZ to use the new pascal whateverthebuggeryitis!
I may regret this... can someone give me a crash course in running SLI and non-SLI graphics cards? I am wondering if I can hook up the old 770 without SLI to my 1080 (and without releasing the magic blue smoke) so I can still render with the 770... WHY ALL THE COMPLICATED MAKE ZEDDY BRAIN GO OWIE?
-I might want to think about upgrading my CPU... This is a foolish, expensive and downright dumb thing to do since it will also require a replacement motherboard, ram and my current processor isn't bad (Intel Core i7 4820k) BUT ZEDDY WANT STOOPIDLY SHINY!
I mean... Sure, it's a quad-core, multi-threadded chip with 3.7 ghz un-clocked (I will not overclock)... but... there are 10-core monsters that are just begging to be abused!
Failing that... I think I can already ram an i7-4960X Extreme Edition 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor into my machine without changing it all around... FELLOW NERDS! COME TO MY AID?
And then there's the storage issue... Externally, I have five 4TB hard-drives and a 2TB drive... I have nearly 2TB free across all of them? I think I need to make a server... one of those funky modular-storage things...
Not to mention my previous experience adding new internal drives made my computer run a little sloow. Go me making dumb rookie-mistakes (what? I'm teaching myself this shit as I go XD)
So far, I have learned to make a basic PC, replace a laptop HDD, replace a graphics, ram, hard-drive, optical... you get the idea. I am learning my stuff, bit by bit...


Err... sorry... got side-tracked...

My project list

and their retrospective issues/progress
:bulletred: In Her Sleep
Not too bad. On Chapter 3/5(?)
It's partly writing itself thankfully. Every so often the scene refuses to go the way I planned and ends up a bit different, but mostly, she behaves...
:bulletred: Witch Hazel 9 (hehe)
:bulletred: InsemiNation
Struggling like hell!
Been away from the game too long. May have to do some SERIOUS pruning and release a crippled demo as a tester, then see if it's appreciated enough to make into a full pay-game :S
:bulletred: Sister
Someone was laughing at me the other day telling me that writing a few thousands words a day is easy.
After grilling them about multiple storyline writing, they apologised and are now asking for my help!
Needless to say, this is hard as hell and needs a lot of work before even Chapter 1 is ready... and I have 8 total to write :(
:bulletred: 'Face' Hugger 5
I have 5 rendered, but need to add all that bloody slime XD Also, being asked every few days by someone 'when is the next one coming out?' is really infuriating! Especially when it's not long after the previous release! Read the journals, follow the twitter. Don't call me, I'll bloody call you!

Shorts w/o much to them:
:bulletred: Nunsane, Numpregnation, DyNuinic... I went through a phase of nuns OK?
:bulletred: Interrogation (no idea what to do with it... seriously, no idea)
:bulletred: Motel (grimy, gritty, smutty and oh look, bellies!)
:bulletred: Various including: Xenomorphs, Tentacles, Schoolgirls, Witches, Fairies, Tourists, Hollidaymakers, Warioresses, Nuns, Asari & Quorians (sp), Cops, Succubi... I have been having concentration issues recently :S


The long-ago or 'maybe later' stuff
:bulletblack: cadet. multi-file EPIC movie
:bulletblack: Amnesia (comic)
:bulletblack: Chair 4. (Fan-designed movie)
:bulletblack: dubbing all old movies
:bulletblack: Pipette
:bulletblack: SG
:bulletblack: SexyMamma94
:bulletblack: Worship
:bulletblack: Winch
:bulletblack: Scrawny Bath
:bulletblack: More Than Boobs
:bulletblack: Hiding Inside
:bulletblack: Pool
:bulletblack: Sisterly Rivalry (Old... REAL old!)
:bulletblack: To Procreate
:bulletblack: Fucking Stupid
:bulletblack: Making Friends
:bulletblack: Nameless TD game made in Flash

Last but not least; A word from Dr Xeron
"You tell me that size matters, baby!
I tell you that's why I'm here with you
you say you've been feeling funny lately
that's because you're having a baby or two!"


Zedorick Eddory
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Although I am submitting the 'safe' things to DA, you need to go to: to see all of my work (it's free and you only need to make a profile because of the spam-bot issues I had)

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