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Shout out to the awesome people who have commented recently (and of course, in the past). You are the reason I'm still around DA :D

Ok, to everyone who was hoping for the game, sorry, but I need to stop starting new things and actually FINISH something!
Seriously... I have a shopping list of things i've started and not got further than half way in (including three games already)
OK! So, in no real order, here's my 'GET DON YA LAZEH BUM!' list:

My project list

:bulletred: In Her Sleep
Not too bad. On Chapter 3/5(?)
It's partly writing itself thankfully. Every so often the scene refuses to go the way I planned and ends up a bit different, but mostly, she behaves... between lesbian oviposition dream fantasies and shameless 'LOOKIT TEH BOOBIES!'.
:bulletred: Witch Hazel 9
:bulletred: InsemiNation*
:bulletred: Escape. This is going to be a small (you hear me, future Zed? SMALL! NO MORE ADDING STUFF!) to get a game completed. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace, I intend to complete it, have some SIMPLE dynamics and if it goes well, either expand (hurr) on it, or make a full-on epic game* (See InsemiNation?)
:bulletred: Sister
Biting off oh so much more than I can chew... I may have to be severely cruel to myself and just get chapter 1 done and release the others bit by bit... Pics will be free if they're ever added (products will be updated as and when etc)
:bulletred: 'Face' Hugger. I managed to get over Hentai-Foundry's F****** A****** B****** denials and by nearly going into a coma, got past the bloody slime bits! Thanks to the comments I got, I am thinking about making an alternate bursting page... may not be able to, so that'll depend on my skill. At least the ball (with arms and legs... oh wait, that's a belly) rolling again.

Shorts without much to them:
:bulletgreen: Elope (Nameless 'She' runs off with her guy, fucks like rabbits and then her jeans stop fitting... hugeness to follow.)
:bulletgreen: Nunsane, Numpregnation, DyNUNnic... I went through a phase of nuns OK?
:bulletgreen: Interrogation (no idea what to do with it... seriously, no idea. Scrawny little thing in an interrogation cell... err... ideas?)
:bulletgreen: Motel (grimy, gritty, smutty and oh look, bellies!)
:bulletgreen: Various 'finish later' scenes including: Xenomorphs, Tentacles, Schoolgirls, Witches, Fairies, Tourists, Hollidaymakers, Warioresses, Nuns, Asari & Quorians (sp), Cops, Succubi and a whole slew of sterotypes


The long-ago or 'maybe later' stuff
:bulletblack: cadet. multi-file EPIC movie... been a while (not got my new morphs on it) but should be OK to finish
:bulletblack: Amnesia (comic)
:bulletblack: Chair 4. (Fan-designed movie)
:bulletblack: dubbing movies with my new voice-actresses
:bulletblack: Pipette (comic)
:bulletblack: SG (comic)
:bulletblack: SexyMamma94 (comic)
:bulletblack: Worship (comic)
:bulletblack: Winch (comic)
:bulletblack: Scrawny Bath (comic)
:bulletblack: More Than Boobs (comic/story)
:bulletblack: Hiding Inside (comic)
:bulletblack: Pool (comic)
:bulletblack: Sisterly Rivalry (Old... REAL old! We're talking 'remake now you suck less' old!)
:bulletblack: To Procreate (comic, equally old)
:bulletblack: Fucking Stupid (comic. Comic? hell, I never got further than girl and room design...)
:bulletblack: Tanktacle (Movie)
:bulletblack: 'Enhancement' (movie)
:bulletblack: 5 Women (Comic)
:bulletblack: Nameless TD game made in Flash (game... if i can get it to work...)

I won't bore you with my complaints, but the basics are that I'm trying to get over them! I WILL NOT FADE AWAY!


Zedorick Eddory
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Although I am submitting the 'safe' things to DA, you need to go to: to see all of my work (it's free and you only need to make a profile because of the spam-bot issues I had)

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Hey, thank you so much for the follow, it means the world to me! Hopefully I can keep what you're looking for coming, and you continue to enjoy! And of course, your own work is simply wonderful. Sorry I don't leave more comments, there's actually somewhat of a backlog of things I need to comment on, but I promise I'll get to yours eventually. :3
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jules1979 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016
I love your work. Especially Beyond the Grave . Is there more to that one?
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Happy Birthday zed!
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